Oklahoma vintage guitar buyers – Tulsa. CA$H for vintage guitars & amps ! Deal with one of America’s oldest, most knowledgeable and most respected vintage stores. We drive to Oklahoma Kansas Arkansas Texas Missouri for old guitars and amps.

Strings West has been buying quality instruments in the five state area around Oklahoma since January 1970.  Owner Larry Briggs, a pioneer of the vintage guitar business and an expert on older guitars and amplifiers, makes selling your guitar very easy.  He will come to your town with cash to inspect and purchase your guitar.  Strings West’s record throughout the 47 years we’ve been in business is impeccable.  Of special interest are any American-made instruments, especially Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch, D’Angelico, National, Dobro, Airline, Supro, Guild, Stromberg, Regal.  Hot items are Stratocaster, Telecaster, Esquire, Broadcaster, Les Paul, SG, pre-CBS Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, D-18, D-28, D-45, any pre-war Martin, Chet Atkins model Gretsch, J-200, J-45, Super 400, L-5, Explorer and any others.  



Call or text Larry at any time @ 918.288.2222

or email him at larryb@stringswest.com

If you send photos, take a full front and back view, and a closeup of any problem areas. Include the serial number and a good phone number so that Larry can call you back. Larry will discuss your guitar or amplifier with you and set up an appointment to visit you.

We are located ten miles north of downtown Tulsa.

109 N. Cincinnati * P.O. Box 999

Sperry, Oklahoma 74073

                                      Fax 918.288.2888  * toll free 800.525.RARE (7273)

Here is Larry with John Fogerty, one of his many celebrity clients.